Sunday, April 10, 2011

Great Solutions to Appear Thinner in Your Problem Areas - Big Butt

One of the most common complaints from women is that they are unhappy with the size of their butt. Sometimes no matter how much exercise we do, our butts still need a little camouflaging. A tight, toned bottom is always our ultimate goal, but for butts that are still working toward that goal, there are many ways to hide it a bit while it is still in metamorphosis.

1. You want to avoid tucking in your shirts. Not only does it put more volume in the way of fabric into that area, but drawing in your waist accentuates your butt. Also avoid skimpy tops as they will make your bottom half look bigger.

2. You want to avoid cropped tops and jackets and jeans with detailing on the back. Also avoid leggings or pants with very skinny legs.

3. Avoid covering a skirt with a sweater; it makes you look bigger in the bottom area.

4. It's best to wear darker bottoms rather than brighter colors so your eye won't be drawn to the bright bottom.

5. Fully cut pants work best as do sheath dresses, and long blazers.

6. You want to draw attention upward with larger earrings, and bright colorful scarves as well as bright tops.

Keep exercising and maintain a healthy diet. Strengthening your gluteus maximus muscles will help to shape and tone your butt and make it more shapely. You need a consistent exercise routine of cardio and resistance training to achieve your results. It can take time, but in the mean time you have my helpful clothing tips. One day the butterfly will emerge from the cocoon and show off its bright beautiful colors!

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  1. I don't agree that we all want a "tight, toned bottom."

    Mine is fleshy and round, and I like it that way! I have naturally broad shoulders, and my large hips and butt balance it.