Saturday, February 9, 2013

How to Break Up with Your Hairdresser

I call it a break-up because it can feel that way. You feel loyal to your hairdresser, almost as though they are a friend of yours, and they are, to a point. This is still a business relationship and you are a paying customer. So that means you call the shots! If you've left your hairdresser on more than one occasion feeling as though you were not treated as personally as you used to be or would like to be, or you have had bad color or cuts for the last few visits, it's time for you to consider making a change. Everyone has a bad day and that includes hairdressers. Unfortunately, their bad day can be carried home on your head. When poor results become a routine and you no longer look forward to going, but feel like you're settling, you should find someone new. Also, if your desire is to try something fresh and bold and you don't think your hairdresser is up to the job, that's another telltale indication that you may need to move on. Another reason for deciding to move on is if you are forced to wait a long time between appointments or if they keep you waiting a long time once you arrive. A poorly run salon is like any other business that's poorly run, it doesn't deserve your patronage. It's a competitive world out there and businesses are competing for you. If they are not putting their best foot forward, find someone who will. I once went to a salon where the receptionist who checked you in and who you saw when you were finished was very unfriendly. Not a smile on her face, nothing. This wasn't just A BAD DAY. The receptionist is the first person you meet when you walk in and it gives you a feel for the business and the way it's run. I go to a salon to be lifted up, not brought down, needless to say I eventually left. If a business wants to make a good impression, they will care about who answers their phone and who greets and serves their customers. So how do you make the break: If you have been going to a particular hairdresser regularly for years and you've finally strayed and found someone new, you may want to send a quick note explaining why you're taking a break. Perhaps say you received a gift certificate for another salon so you are going to give it a try. That way if you want to go back, there won't be any hurt feelings. Many times you can find a new style or cut elsewhere and just have your tried and true stylist duplicate the look for you. If you haven't gone for many years to your hairdresser, or you've been irregular at best, then it's easy to just disappear and move on. Your hair is a very personal part of your body and very tied into who you are. A good stylist recognizes and respects this and accommodates you. Remember, you know your hair best so good communication is key to good results from your salon. See you on YouTube, -YouTips4U

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